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Marketing & Branding Final Project

This quarter for my MEB252 Marketing and Branding class we were assigned to pick a small business, artist, or organization and develop a comprehensive marketing plan to broaden our clients community and industry awareness.

After being assigned this project I decided to write my final based around the marketing and promotions of a music festival.  The requirements of the projects went as follows.

1. Company Biography (“Story”)

2. Company Mission (Brand and aesthetic)

3. Detail Company SWOT

4. Digital Social-Circle Promotional Strategy
a. Viral Video Concept detailing content and aesthetic components
b. Illustrator Designed homepage for client website listing links and site navigation
c. Defined Blog site- describe content topics and theme of client blog
d. Social Network Affiliation- detailed list of social networks for client participation including strategy for friend development

5.Detailed PR Campaign
e. Single Draft Press Release for launching client’s business
f. Detailed contact list for industry related media to support promotional needs (no fewer than 45 contacts)

6. Detailed Nine Month Promotional Timeline to begin in January for mock product “release” or “grand opening” in April 2010
a. ABCDE marketing rollout
b. PR timeline
c. Social Circle Timeline
d. Content Development and release timeline

After compiling all of the required data for the project I managed to accumulate a total of 32 pages of information in regards to the requirements.  By completing this assignment I feel that I have greatly improved on my overall knowledge of the effort required in the planning of a music festival.  This has only inspired me to pursue this dream further.


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Potential for New Online Presence

In the months to come I plan on beginning the steps in designing a website for the work I do.  For the past five years I have been largely into photography and video, within the following months I will work on the plans for a all in one website that entails the overall details of what, why, and where I plan on taking my skills and how I will leverage them into a both profitable and enjoyable career.  Along with promoting my skills in both photography and video I will be brain storming on different sections of my website including t-shirt design, website design, and other forms of graphic assistance which will be potentially provided by a good friend and life long friend Zach, a studying graphic designer who currently attends the Art Institutes International Minnesota in Downtown Minneapolis for Graphic Design.

While searching for potential domain registration/hosting plans I was refereed by numerous peers to  Media temple has a wide variety of hosting plans starting at as low as $20/month for hosting with a $5/year domain registration fee.  Within MediaTemple users are able to run virtual domains off of one hosting plan allowing numerous dedicated URLs pointed into the same server/hosting plan.  After learning this I was instantly attracted to MediaTemple because this capability really opens many new doors.  By having this ability I will be able to separate specific areas of my business and skills allowing for users to have an easier, less confusing environment in which they can choose their needed tasks from.

For more information on specifics about MediaTemple’s hosting plans visit

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The Privacy Pros and Cons of Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, & Vimeo

Twitter’s privacy options are pretty cut and dry.  On twitter you are able to either hide all of you content only allowing users who are your approved followers to view it, on the other side of the spectrum you are able to leave your twitter page 100% open to the public, allowing users to freely follow you enabling them to “legally stock” you.  By giving 100% viewing access you raise the chance of having random/unwanted followers who could possibly spam/flood your twitter with annoying ads, questions, or re-tweets linking back to you.  For an upcoming musician or artist twitter can be leveraged well if used correctly.  Many users of twitter feel the need to tell twitter what they are doing every 10 minutes of the day, in these times many users of twitter find themselves annoyed by constant updates to their cell phones (via mobile twitter) as it becomes quite annoying after 2-3 useless tweets going off within 30 minutes.  In order to avoid this up and coming artists must in turn only tweet information in which fans / followers will find interesting or inspiring.  By doing this the up and coming artist will be able to leverage twitter to their advantage which in turn will allow the artist to have a free stream of promotion to all of his or her followers along with a great free source to post information in which they find useful for either their fans or their followers.

Youtube’s privacy options are very bare, within their privacy settings Youtube covers 3 main points: Search and Content Restrictions, Advertising, and Statistics/Data.  Within these settings users are allowed to either enable or disable said settings to better customize their personal Youtube page.  Many up and coming artists have used youtube in the past to leverage their up and coming-ness.  If used correctly youtube can be a huge helper in spreading you voice about your art or music.  By using youtube artists and musicians can post video blogs about literally whatever they please.  My personal recommendations to up and coming artists or musicians would be to create a Youtube account and post interactive video log postings giving fans a reason to interact with you.  By doing this artists/musicians will be able to get real input from their biggest fans who follow them the most allowing them to improve in many different realms of the industry such as song writing to web design.

Flickr’s privacy options are similar to the previous privacy options of youtube and twitter.  Within flickr’s privacy setting users are able to specify if they would like their profiles publicly shared allowing other users to view their content.  In my personal opinion I would much rather host my own website and build my own photo gallery instead of submitting my photos to flickr to have them posted there.  Flickr can be easily leveraged by up and comers in the industry very easily though.  By using flickr up and coming photographers are able to share their beautiful photos with many other photographers enabling them to receive positive input along with tips on how to better their photographs.  Flickr is also a great way to share you stories through the still frame photography world.  Although flickr is a great source I would must rather use my own hosting and website to host my own personal photographs.

Vimeo’s privacy setting are similar to those of youtube along with a few more specifics including who can/can’t use specific information of yours, etc, etc.  Up and coming artist or musicians can easily leverage vimeo in the same ways they are able to leverage youtube.  In today’s world having multiple sources of the same video content is always a good idea, for many reasons.  Some of those reasons include the chance of one of the providers going offline for a unsaid amount of time which leaves content unable to be accessed.  By using multiple sources to host your video content better insures the chance of this not happening.  Another reason for having the same content hosted in multiple places is giving users the ability to re-post content on their personal/social websites.  Some websites do not allow specific video hosting sites to be posted within their sites so by having multiple video sources betters the ability for fans to post your content on their pages in turn spreading your name and creating more buzz/hype about said video.

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Ultra Music Festival

The Ultra Music Festival is scheduled to take place March 26th and 27th in Miami, Florida.  This year is Ultra’s 12th year running as a festival presenting a wide variety of artists from Deadmau5 to Diplo and Lotus to Bassnectar.  Tickets for the festival are currently $150 for general admission and $350 for VIP.  A group of my friends and myself are planning a trip down to Florida to attend the festival.  I can’t begin to explain the excitement I have to see all of the artists listed above.  Ultra is still in the process of releasing their 2nd string of big name artists who have yet to be announced.

This summer along with the Ultra Music Festival comes a large amount of festivals including Burning Man, Coachella, Bella Vida, and the Detroit Music Festival along with many more.  Links for these festivals can be found to the right under the links widget in the festivals tab.

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427 Photography

Recently I did a shoot for the Institute of Production and Recording’s student showcase.  The showcase took place at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN.  Throughout the evening a number of greatly talented artist performed.  Prior to the event a small amount of planning was required.  First I had to figure out the style and techniques needed to produce the best photograph for the genres of music each respective artist would be performing.  Secondly I had to take into consideration the size of the venue along with any other external light sources used inside the venue that I would have to work with (or around).  Lastly I had to make sure that all my equipment was working correctly and in sync.

After arriving at the venue I was able to scope out the exact locations that I wanted to shoot from.  After doing so I was able to communicate with the artists confirming specific lighting techniques (camera mounted strobe flash) were appropriate and accepted by the performing artists in an effort to not disturb or anger any of the artist.  Once the performances began I began, taking shot after shot and in-between songs rapidly paging through the shots deleting any unusable shots to in turn create more storage space.

Once the event had come to an end it was time I headed home to begin the editing process.  When I arrived at my apartment and began unpacking my gear I inserted my camera card into my card reader to find that my card had become corrupt rendering the card unreadable.  In a scramble to fix this problem I was able to find a photo-recovery program that was able to recover the majority of my photographs.  Although some were lost and irretrievable I was able to pull together enough photographs to make the shoot worth while.

Unfortunately since this problem arose I have been unable to use my camera.  I have tried numerous recommended fixes by different industry professionals and yet I am still without a working camera.

To see more photographs from the event or to view any of my other work please visit my website.

Rhymesayers artist Toki Wright during his performance, Wright was the headliner for the event giving a great perfomance with lots of crowd interaction.

Marquay, DJ of the group Loose Crew throws up a peace sign during their performace.

The group known as Know Breaks giving their last thank you after a great performance.

Will, the DJ for the Unusual Suspects durring one of their final tracks.

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mIRC Internet Relay Chat

IRC was created by Jarkko Oikarinen in August of 1988 to replace a program called MultiUser Task on a Bulletin Board System called OuluBox in Finalnd.  IRC protocol is designed for use with text based communication.  The protocol has been developed as a system using TCP/IP network protocol.  IRC itself is a teleconferencing system which through the use of the client-server model is well-suited to run on many machines from many distributed fashions.  A setup involves the server forming a central point for clients to connect to.  Come 1989 over 40 servers were connected through IRC worldwide, in July of 1990 IRC averaged 12 users on 38 servers.  Today the amount of user on IRC and the amount of servers connected through IRC are astronomical. (mIRC)

mIRC is better known as IRC or Internet Relay Chat, a client in which users are able to communicate, share, play or work with other users on the same IRC network all around the world.  Either in multi-user group conferences or in a one to one discussion.  It’s practical and clean interface i both highly configurable and easily run with many different support features such as buddy lists, file transfers, SSL encryption, UTF-8 display, proxy support, multi-server connections, message logs, and more. (

mIRC consists of a number of popular networks, DALnet which was started in 1994 as an alternative to the overburdened network of the time.  Now DALnet is considered on of the most friendly of the major IRC networks.  DALnet pioneered nickname and channel registration allowing users the ability to control their online experience without the fear of channel takeover or harassment. (  Another popular IRC network is that of GameSurge.  GameSurge is described as “The Next Step in the Evolution of Gaming IRC.”  GameSurge was setup to provide professional, non-commercial IRC community related services. (GameSurge) GameSurge is a gaming community build around the IRC network that provides quality services for the gaming community and industry by allowing it’s members collective experience to in turn assist the gaming community. (GameSurge)

From my own personal experience I have used mIRC for both gaming and business (to do with gaming).  My personal experience has shown me that mIRC is very easy to learn and also very easy to manipulate to the users personal preference. Throughout the portion of time I spent using mIRC I mainly used the GameSurge network.  Well working with GameSurge to setup channels / register nicknames I found it was very user-friendly and easy to work with / understand.

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I had the chance of traveling to Chicago, IL a few months ago to watch him perform live.  After seeing deadmau5 I fell in love with everything about his music.  Deadmau5 had been around since 2005 and has worked with artists such as Tommy Lee.  His wide range of musical skill is very easily noticed as soon as you’re able to experience his live performance.  Deadmau5 also has iPod applications that allow you to mix multiple tracks of his together as if you were mixing them live, he also has a remade pac-man game, the only difference being that you are the deadmau5 head instead of pac-man, and instead of eating the usual pac-man boosters you eat cheese.  I would highly recommend deadmau5 to any individuals interested in electronic dance music.

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